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Our website will provide you straightforward information regarding safe and effective treatment of mental illness in women with an emphasis on pregnancy, the postpartum period and breast-feeding.

 Mother and Baby

You'll find a presentation of the clinical services and research studies offered by our program in addition to down-to-earth discussions of recent research findings and what those findings mean for your care.

WMHP PUBLICATIONS - Most Recent Article

Maternal expectations of postpartum social support: validation of the postpartum social support questionnaire during pregnancy.

Thirteen percent of women experience postpartum depression.  Prenatal screening for anticipated postpartum social support, a postpartum depression risk factor, may allow for early intervention.  We sought to validate use of a modified version of the Postpartum Social Support Questionnaire (PSSQ) in pregnant women at increased risk for postpartum depression.  Factor analysis using orthogonal varimax rotation was used.  The modified PSSQ, administered during pregnancy, yields similar loading patterns as observed in postpartum administration of the original PSSQ. 

WMHP BLOG - Most Recent Entries

Hale's Breastfeeding Safety Ratings: Part 5 - Anxiolytics & Benzodiazepines

In this entry in the series, we summarize Dr. Hale's findings regarding the safety of Anxiolytics & Benzodiazepines during breastfeeding.


Hale's Breastfeeding Safety Ratings: Part 4 - Stimulants

In this entry in the series, we summarize Dr. Hale's findings regarding the safety of Stimulants & Attention Deficit Disorder Medications during breastfeeding.