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Fees & Insurance Verification 

Fees are established by The Emory Clinic based on the time and complexity of each evaluation.  The Emory Clinic requires that we collect your co-payment (the amount should be listed on your insurance card) or 50% of the total charge for your visit when services are rendered.

The Emory Clinic and our clinicians may or may not be included as preferred providers with your insurance carrier. If you are not unsure whether Emory if we are included in your health care plan, please contact your insurance provider prior to your appointment. Our experience is that on rare occasions insurance companies may authorize consultations with out-of-network providers if you notify the insurance company of the referral BEFORE your visit.

Many insurance companies require precertification (authorization of payment prior to the appointment) that may involve either verbal or written approval. If your insurance company requires written precertification, it is your responsibility to provide these forms prior to the appointment. Some insurance companies require the referring physician or primary care physician to make these arrangements; others require you to call for precertification. Please check your benefits, as you are ultimately responsible for your bill.  We cannot be responsible for the denial of benefits if precertification was not obtained. 

If you have Medicaid, you must provide written proof of eligibility at each appointment. The State of Georgia provides that we may require payment at the time of service if you have no proof of eligibility.

Your bill will be handled through The Emory Clinic Section of Psychiatry. Occasionally, billing errors may occur. If you have any billing questions or you detect a billing error, please call 404-778-4352. If you do not receive a satisfactory response from the Clinic representative, please contact our office.

Telephone Calls

If you experience an emergency between visits, PLEASE CALL 911.  For other non-emergency call, please call our office and leave a detailed message.  We not bill for telephone calls.  We will endeavor to return your call no later than the end of the following business day.  In the event that we have not returned your call by that time, please call again as the message system or number of emergencies may have precluded our response.  If we are unavailable, the psychiatrist on call can be reached by calling (404) 778-5000.

Missed Visits/No Show Fee

We understand that pregnancy complications, childcare needs, and other concerns may make it difficult to keep all of your appointments.  Therefore, there is no penalty when you cancel an appointment at least 24 hours in advance.  However, you will be charged a $50 NO SHOW FEE if you miss an appointment without notifying us in advance.  

If you are a first time patient and you cancel your first appointment with less than 24 hours notice, or you do not show for your first appointment, we will not be able to reschedule your visit.  Also, if you arrive for your first appointment 30 minutes late, we will not be able to see you that day, nor will we be able to reschedule your visit for another day.

Prescription Refills & Fees

Prescription refills are handled after 3 pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons only. Prescriptions must be called in before noon on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to be handled that day. No exceptions can be made. If you have a prescription for a controlled substance, one that cannot be called in to a pharmacy, please call to have the prescription mailed 7 business days before your medication runs out or you may come to our office to pick up your prescription after you have called for a refill. Failure to monitor the amount of medication you have remaining could result in having to go without medication for a few days.

At each visit, we will provide enough prescription refills to provide adequate medication to last until your next appointment. If you cancel an appointment and then must have a prescription refill called into your pharmacy, you will be charged a $15 Prescription Refill Fee for each medication that you request to have refilled. 

Repeated Missed Visits

Due to the high demand for our services, it is important that we keep missed visits to a minimum. We ask that you notify us at least 24 hours before any appointment you wish to cancel. If you do not show for an appointment or you cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours notice, it is considered a missed appointment. It is the policy of the Emory Women’s Mental Health Program to terminate your care after two missed appointments.

Medical Records

Medical records and contact with other physicians requires written authorization. The nature of our program warrants contact with both obstetrical and pediatric groups. We will be happy to provide you and your other physicians with articles relevant to your care upon request. Please allow us two weeks time for copying and sending complete medical charts.


We are constantly trying to improve the quality of care in the Women's Mental Health Program and your feedback is important to us. If you have any comments about our program staff or Clinic personnel, please let us know.